Brown Machine & Fabrication Services

At Brown Machine & Fabrication, we are always looking for ways to improve our service capabilities. From our earliest experience, beginning in 1964, customers have told us they require the finest quality machined parts for their projects.  Since that time, we noticed there was a special need to provide the same high-level of satisfaction to our customers in more than just machining. Today, Brown also provides gear cutting, fabrication, welding, drafting, design, rebuilding, repair, installation, demolition, diving, and salvage services to industries throughout North America.

Machining & Gear Cutting

Large or small-quantity orders, Brown Machine & Fabrication has the right machining and gear cutting capabilities to fit your next project. Learn about Brown’s machining & gear cutting services.

Fabrication & Welding

When it comes to light or heavy fabrication, Brown Machine & Fabrication is the most certified and standard’s compliant. Expect the best. Learn about Brown’s fabrication & welding services.

drafting & design

Drafting & Design

Streamlined design and structural integrity are always a top concern at Brown Machine & Fabrication. Trust in our knowledge. Learn more about Brown’s drafting & design services.

Rebuilding & Repair

Brown specializes in rebuilding and repair of all types of heavy equipment, industrial machinery, and critical parts to reduce downtime, and keep production running. Learn about Brown’s rebuilding & repair services.

Installation & Demolition

Specializing in the installation and demolition of industrial equipment, structures, and fabrications. Learn more about Brown’s installation & demolition services.

Diving & Salvage

Brown maintains diving & salvage capabilities to perform underwater intervention on marine jobs and projects. Learn more about Brown’s diving & salvage services.

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