Mandrel Bar Repair & Refurbishing

Brown Machine & Fabrication offers a complete mandrel bar repair and refurbishing service - complete with insepection, straightening, disassembly/assembly, balance, and cleaning, oiling & wrapping for shipment.

Mandrel Bar Repair & Refurbishing

Mandrel Bar Refurbishing:

  • Inspect Bar
  • Straighten Bar
  • Disassemble Bar for Inspection
  • Clean and Polish Body of Bar
  • Sharpen and/or Replace Fingers
  • Parts Replacement (if necessary)
  • Springs
  • Spacers
  • Guides
  • Push Pin
  • Bullet End
  • Assemble Bar
  • Diameter Build-Up (if necessary)
  • Adjust and Computer Balance Bar for Use
  • Final Inspection
  • Re-clean, Oil, & Wrap Bar for Shipping

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