Unwind Stand

The Brown Machine & Fabrication Unwind Stand features: Pneumatic chucking assemblies for chucking & un-chucking, side-shift web adjustment, and drive belt systems.

Unwind Stand


The Brown Machine & Fabrication Unwind Stand can be built to your specifications to accommodate any size parent roll and either a single or a double parent roll configuration. The unwind stand shown was designed for a single parent roll of 42” width and a max diameter of 82”.

Chucking Assembly:

Chucking assembly features linear rails & bearings, core eject system, straight taper design spindle.

Belt Take-up System:

Back view of belt drive system featuring belt take-up cylinders.

Web Adjustment (Side Shift):

Web adjustment system features an electric motor, gearbox, and chain driven worm shaft to fine tune the web during startup.

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