Core Chucks

Our lightweight steel core chucks offer extreme durability as well as a long life no matter what your application should demand. In the past, we have manufactured core chucks ranging from as small as 3” O.D. and as large as 22-3/4” O.D. Naturally, this is totally dependent upon your parent roll core size.

Core Chucks

Depending upon your application, we can produce either a conventional “one-piece” chuck or a “two- piece” chuck. The “two-piece” chuck consist of a chuck barrel with a removable neck.

Neck Design:

Our core chuck necks are CNC machined to your specifications and fully welded to the barrel which ensures optimum durability. These necks can also be machined to work with our “Backsaver”. This combination will eliminate operator fatigue and injury due to heavy core chuck handling.

Tapered Barrel Option:

If you are currently running parent roll cores that have been reused and somewhat abused to the point they are no longer round thus resulting in hard to insert core chucks, we have your solution.

As part of the barrel, we can install a tapered cone that will reduce the initial core chuck diameter. This cone aids in the insertion of the core chuck resulting in minimal work and quicker parent roll staging times.

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